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Saturday, January 3, 2015

My New Obsession - Handmade Cold Process Soap Making

I'm studying, watching youtubes made by expert CP soap makers ,like Eden's Secrets, Royal Soaps, La Fille de la Mer (Ariane Arsenault), The Soap Queen of Brambleberry Soap Supplies. Here are my two batches I made during Christmas. The pink/green one is made with micah colorants and Winter Snowflake fragrance oil. The dark one is colored with charcoal, gold and red micahs and fragranced with Turkish Mocha. I am so pleased with the way they turned out except for the bubbling on the outside of the green/pink - which I planed off after cutting. It was caused from placing in the warm oven for awhile afterward in the silicone mold - which is a tight fit and allows no air circulation. I did learn from that and thank the Soap Maker's Forum for all their advice and help in fixing it. I will avoid that problem in the future. The last few pictures are of lotion bars, bath melts and the latest cold process soap, a terra cotta swirl and heart shaped bars of the same terra cotta. It is scented with vanilla lemon verbena fragrance oil and smells fabulous!

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